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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Bruins re-sign Bergeron.

The Boston Bruins re-signed center Patrice Bergeron to a 5-year contract.

I can breathe easier now. It's not that I thought he'd bolt, but even with a new front office, the Bruins had me a bit worried. I mean they DID trade Jumbo Joe and Samsanov.

Whatever. It's ice under the Zamboni.

I'm pretty excited for the season this year. Even though I live on the West Coast - I still manage to follow the Bruins daily. Even in the off-season. In Southern California. Not exactly a hockeytown.

Zdeno Charra as an addition, is HUGE.

He's HUGE. Milan Jurcina is only going to get better.

I'm a bit bearish on Phil Kessel. I realize I haven't seen him play, and he may be good, but he hasn't played in the NHL, and I still remember the 20 Lindros rookie cards I horded.

I'm excited for Glen Murray. It looks like he has a fresh line with him maybe playing with Marc Savard - who in his own rights looks ready for a break-out.

I will say - I'd like to see Brian Leetch back in Boston.

In goal, I'm split. I was far and away impressed with the play of both Hannu Toivonen and Tim Thomas, but I'll say this--Thomas came through HUGE and under a ton of pressure. I'm feeling him somewhat more than Hannu, but I'll be happy with either as the #1. If there even needs to be a #1.

I'm also looking to see P.J. Axelsson, Brad & Mark Stuart, Brad Boyes, Sturm, and Wayne Primeau all make huge impacts.

Especially Axelsson. I think this could be his year.

Paul Mara and Yan Stastny could have an effect also. Still unsure on both counts there.

So, we'll see.

Can the Bruins pull it together?

A new GM, a new coach, much less of Harry Sinden and in many ways a new team.

Let's hope.

Go B's.

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